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To get an embed code that always displays a player’s latest ADP data, click on a player’s name below to go to their player page. Though Aaron Jones is the better all-around RB, he will get a majority of his production from the slot and as the passing-down back. While this happens, the 6-foot, 250-pound Dillon will start getting more run out of the backfield and short-yardage plays from the goal line. Coming off a season in which Tua Tagovailoa was injured with a concussion and the Dolphins traded for star receiver Tyreek Hill, having Waddle come off the board as WR10 is a bit high for my liking. He could find a wonderful landing spot, like Philadelphia or Buffalo.


For example, Nfl Adps have yet to step on an NFL field, but because running backs are so valuable in fantasy football, drafters will often take a chance on rookie running backs based on their college performance. In this case, rookie RBs generally pan out to some degree, but if a rookie busts, that is a top-3 pick wasted. The top risers and fallers of the past week in fantasy football drafts. By utilizing this statistic, drafters can decide whether to draft a player in the fifth round or if that same player might drop to the seventh round where the general manager can find more value. Statistics like ADP have helped make fantasy football the phenomenon it has become in the United States. By utilizing ADP, any person who wants to play fantasy football can draft a competitive team without knowing everything about the sport.

What Does ADP Mean In Fantasy Football?

If Pickens and Pickett can find the connection — and Najee Harris returns to his rookie form — there could be something in the air in the Steel City … other than the Primanti Brothers sandwiches and stale beer. Johnson is going as the first pick in the seventh round, while Pickens is being taken as the eighth pick in the same round. Not only does he have a connection with Kenny Pickett, but, unlike Johnson, he also does not need 12 targets to gather five catches in a game. In his final season in Las Vegas, Carr still was able to help Josh Jacobs become the leading rusher in the NFL with 1,653 yards and 12 TDs on 340 carries.

Now that he is fully healthy and recovered from the ACL injury he suffered at Georgia, Pickens could be in store for a significant leap in 2023 after a full offseason of work with the rest of the offense. In his final season at Texas, he ran for 1,580 yards and 18 TDs on 258 carries. But until we know where he will be playing, taking him as RB5 is too much.

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We get this ADP data from multiple sources in 10, 12, and 14 team formats. Detailed information on these average draft position calculations can be found here. With 770 yards gained on 186 rushes in 2022, Dillon showed his ability to be a two-down back in the NFL. Despite Jones being the major passing-down back, Dillon still put up admirable receiving numbers, with 206 yards on 28 receptions. These numbers would make for a great addition as a fantasy RB4. And with a draft price currently sitting in the middle of the eighth round, this is wonderful value.

  • In those games, he had 495 receptions for 6,409 yards and 40 TDs.
  • This ADP data is drawn from Startup dynasty mock drafts organized by @RyanMc23.
  • And taking him a spot higher than Derrick Henry makes even less sense.
  • Despite taking over as the WR1 for Pittsburgh by the end of the 2022 season, Pickens is still going behind Diontae Johnson in fantasy drafts.
  • In addition, RotoWire provides insight into the legal sports betting space and gives expert reviews on various legal sportsbooks to redeem the best bonuses available. ADP data provided to us by our friends at the NFFC and represents their various high-stakes leagues. We believe this to be the best ADP around, and our feed updates daily using data only from the last 14 days. This Average Draft Position data is exclusively from leagues that score one point per reception. Since most leagues now use this scoring option, this ADP tool is our most popular.

How accurate is ADP in fantasy football?

ADP is also a great way for new owners to understand basic player popularity. Premium membership provides access to all of our awesome dynasty content for an entire year. You also gain access to the best dynasty fantasy football resources in the industry.

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Fantasy Football ADP – What’s Changed From 2022 to 2023?.

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